How to Spend 6 Days in Himachal Pradesh?

Glittering streams and lakes, endless pastures, waterfalls, peaceful monasteries, scenic drives, and more, all constitute the beauty, glory, and charm of Himachal Pradesh. A trip to Himachal Pradesh is an adventure that tourists never forget. The state has been home to various cultures and their imprints can be witnessed while enjoying a complete tour of the place. If you are on a 6-days vacay to the ‘Land of Gods’, here are a few things you can do to make the most out of your time.

Shimla Manali Trip

Himachal Pradesh is one of the destinations that showcase a perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and ingenious architectural styles. Do you know sight-seeing tours are an experience for a lifetime? Packed with entertainment, beauty, and details, such tours are quite an entertaining venture. Besides acquainting you with your holiday destination, sight-seeing tours give your eyes a visual treat. The natural beauty of the place, rich culture, flora, fauna, the design of the edifices, and more walk you through the time. If you are a nature-lover and a seclusion seeker, trust us, there can be nothing better than you can do on your holiday so hurry up! Book Himachal Tour Package For Family, Honeymoon & Group.

Sight-See: Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Spiti, Kaza, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Palampur, Khajjiar, Chamba, McLeodganj, Naddi, Kufri, Narkanda

Temple Hopping
When in Himachal, temple hopping is one of the top activities that you must do. Do you know Himachal is also called Dev Bhoomi – the Land of Gods? It’s a crazy state dotted with several areas of tranquillity and peace. As soon as you step into one of the many temples or monasteries, the noise disappears, and you are transported into a different world – a quiet and peaceful world.

Spiti Valley Tour

Here is a list of a few temples and monasteries that you might want to visit, Sankat Mochan Temple, Jakhoo Temple, Vashishth Temple, Norbulingka Institute, Dhankar Monastery, Tara Devi Temple, Masrur Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Tibetan Monastery, Hadimba Devi Temple, Nako Monastery, and more.

Adventure Sports
Another thing that you can do on your 6-days trip to Himachal Pradesh is to participate in adventure activities. Since the state offers some of the most thrilling adventure sports, it is known as the adventure capital of India. Whether you are an adventure-seeker or you are just looking for some fun activities to wind down with, there is plenty that this adventure land has got to offer to you. While you are here, you can try skiing, river rafting, paragliding, zorbing, ice-skating, mountain biking, snowboarding, zip-lining, trekking, camping, and lots of other activities. Even if you are not much of a sports enthusiast, there are countless leisure activities that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.
Top Places: Bir-Billing, Triund, Pandoh Lake, Hanuman Tibba, Solang Valley, Malana, Kasol, Spiti Valley, Shimla, Narkanda, Dharamshala

Exploring Culinary Delicacies
If you are somebody who loves exploring with food, you might really love to try the Pahari cuisines. Try new tastes and ingredients; learn about the history of dishes, and more. From desserts, beverages, local cuisines to street food, discover places that serve authentic and scrumptious food. Since Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of food corners and restaurants that offer you delectable menus. You can explore a few new cuisines, cooking styles, ingredients used, and a lot more. Sounds fun, right?
That said, a trip to Himachal Pradesh is all you need to re-imbibe your spirits and get ready to take the challenges as life throws them at you! Happy travelling!!

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5 Best Things I Ate in Himachal Pradesh

Nestled among the folds of the mighty Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is a state where the beauty and charm are not limited to the snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and fresh air. Another thing that makes it popular and unique is its traditional cuisines. People use authentic spices and herbs such as turmeric, coriander, chilies, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. that give a unique aroma and flavor to the dishes.

Another thing I observed is that the Himachali people include a lot of dairy products such as ghee, buttermilk, curd, etc. in the dishes. And this is what makes the Pahari cuisines creamy and scrumptious. It won’t be wrong to say that the Himachalis pour their heart out in their dishes. If you are planning Himachal Holiday Trip With Family, let me get you acquainted with some of the delectable cuisines.

Here are the 5 delicious things I ate during my Complete Himachal Tour Package (9 Nights 10 Days) From Himachal Package Booking ( and I think you’d love’em.

5 Best Things I ate in Himachal Pradesh
Trust me, when I say these foods are lip-smacking! I am sure you must have tried the Himachali delicacies but there are possibilities that you might have missed out on a few. Bookmark this blog for your next trip to Himachal so that you can get your hands on these amazing Pahari dishes.

Chana Madra

Chana Madra

Madra is one of the delicacies that represent the food culture of Himachal Pradesh. The primary ingredients of the dish are chickpeas and curd. It is cooked well in oil (or ghee) with spices such as cloves, cardamoms, sweet fennel, and more. The dish is a blend of savory and sweet and leaves you wanting for more.

Sweet Rice (Meethe Chawal)

Meethe Chawal (Sweet Rice)

As the name suggests, it is a yummy dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It is nothing but sweetened rice loaded with lots of nuts and raisins which brings to you ‘Eat Good Feel Good’ days! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will love this dish.



Babrus are the variation of Kachoris. Black gram flour is stuffed into the dough, and the dish is served – fried! Just thinking about the crispy Babrus ring the bell of cravings. Do not miss out on this. Out of everything I had, this was my favorite. Served with tamarind chutney and chickpeas, you can’t help but slurp-slurp!!


Love pancakes? Try patandes (Indian pancakes!) Authentically from the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, these are prepared all over the state. In some local dialects, these are also called Aenkali. It comprises a delightful breakfast item. You will enjoy this.

Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath

Himachalis love rice! So, when in Himachal, you ought to taste the dishes made with rice. Tudkiya Bhath or sauteed rice is a mouth-savoring dish prepared in a unique style with lentils, spices, veggies, and curd. You can add a dash of garlic sauce or lemon juice for an extra kick! Oh, I loved the dish! It’s finger-licking good! (wink)

Though I had a number of yumm-azing dishes while I was in Himachal, these 5 cuisines top the list. The food, here, is definitely delicious and says a lot about the place, people, and their lifestyle – beautiful, simple, and chic! The Himachali cuisines are a combination of nutritious and tasty food items. The state offers you a rich culinary delight.

The whole experience will be worthwhile. And trust me, there is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful landscape while eating delicious food during your trip to Himachal Pradesh – a heaven on earth!

Comment below your favorite Pahari dish. Come on, let’s celebrate the deliciousness of life together.

Sangla & Chitkul: Attractions & Sightseeing you Must See Before You Die

Are you planning a Sangla Chitkul Tour? Probably yes, because that’s why you are here! The Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh is a canvas of surrealistic magnificence of nature, chiseled out of green valleys, snow-clad mountains, beautiful lakes, and breathtaking landscapes. Sangla and Chitkul are undoubtedly the most popular tourist destinations in the country. These valleys are surrounded by splendid meadows and lush vegetation that provide the most refreshing experience to the people looking for an escape from their busy lives. The beauty and the culture of these places are captivating and are bound to mesmerize the tourists. So, if we have guessed it right and you are actually planning a trip to the Kinnaur valley, then make sure that you cover these places in your Sangla Chitkul Trip.

Best Tourist Attractions of Sangla & Chitkul
From temples to gompas, valleys to lakes, there is no dearth of tourist places in Sangla and Chitkul. Here is a list of the best places that you can visit during your Chitkul and Sangla Valley tour.

Kamru Fort
Located at 2 km from Sangla valley, the Kamru Fort is a unique triple-storied wooden fort that lets you enjoy an amazing view of apple gardens, streams, etc. of the valley. It is a 15th-century architectural marvel that welcomes you with a large image of Lord Buddha at the main gate. And on its third floor, you will find a beautiful idol of Kamakhya Devi that is said to have been brought from Guwahati.

Baspa River
Baspa River is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the Sangla Valley. The surroundings of the river will leave you in awe – the oak and pine forests that cover the upper slope of the river, brown trout, timely rainbows, and more! It is a fast-flowing river which makes rafting an exciting and popular activity. If you want to cross the river, you will have to ride on a basket that is hung above the river. Interesting, no? You surely won’t want to miss out on this. Also, if you feel hungry out there, you can grab a bite at Akhiri Dhaba – India’s last dhaba at the bank of the river. Trust us, it serves delicious food.

Mathi Temple
This is one of the oldest temples in Chitkul. The major attraction of this place is the idol of the local goddess Shri Mathi. It is made up of walnut wood, covered with clothes, and decorated by a tuft of the tail of yak. She is worshipped with great fanfare. Not only the local people but people from different parts of the country come to visit this temple.

Brelengi Gompa
Did you really think that your trip to Kinnaur would be complete without visiting a monastery? When in Himachal, visiting a monastery is an unsaid rule. That said, Brelengi Gompa is a famous monastery near Sangla that was established in 1922 by the Mahabodhi society for Dalai Lama to perform the Kalachakra ceremony. Besides the wooden walls and adorable architecture, the Tibetan culture, peace, and solace of this place are what attract thousands of tourists every year. If you are visiting Sangla, this place is worth your time.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center
This is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Sangla Valley. Its main attractions are the items carved out of wood – pure artistic skills of the people! If you want, you can take a few souvenirs carved in Tibetan style as a memory of your trip.

Chitkul Fort
Chitkul is the last inhabited Indian village, located 24 km from Sangla near the Indo-Tibetan border. The charm of this village lies in the Chitkul fort which looks like a watchtower covered in intricate wooden carvings. It has a temple of a local goddess, Chitkul Maathi that holds great importance for the people of Kinnaur.

So, whenever you decide to go on the Sangla Valley Trip, you must visit these places. Apart from a heart full of memories and a bag full of souvenirs, you will have a great collection of pictures to rock your Instagram feed. And in case, you require wonderful Sangla Chitkul Tour Packages, you know whom to reach out to, right?

Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

If adventure and freedom you like, then I consider you to go the dream destination of everyone Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visit states in India. The state has beautiful pristine mountains, which are a vital source of tourist attraction. All over from the world, Tourists come to this lovable place. The forest and hills of the state are used for many adventure sports. One among them that is considered to be carried out here is hiking. Travel Wikipedia offers lots of Adventure Holiday Tour Packages at Affordable Prices.
With more than Two hundred defined trekking trails, some of the famous hiking spots of Himachal Mountains are; Hmpta Pass Trek Dhaulandhar (Triund Glacier)trek, Parvati valley trek, Bhabha pass trek, Sari Pass trek, Beas Kund trek, trek to Chamba, and Pin Parvati, Kakeri lake trek, etc. We hiked in some places, and that hike is now among my favorite, so are you ready to know about it………….

Parvati Valley: Everyone knows Himachal Pradesh is the favorite holiday destination of youngsters, and Parvati valley is undoubtedly the hotbed of this recreational immigration. Parvati valley on the first glance seems like a sleepy little place with lots of green all around; however, the deep you go into the woods, the more mystery is relieved to you with gushing waterfalls intense fine, and there are ten trees hot springs sprinkled around the valley and the cultivation of charas the gross abundantly Parvati valley has the perfect recipe for an unexplainable peace to those who seek. You guys also like to hike in this place.kasol is a small village in Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh, near to Kullu. However, it comeso the toad from bhuntur to manikaran. The town has an excellent view from all sides with perfect scenic beauty housed on the Parvati river banks, the little town has become the country’s top offbeat destination.

Parvati Valley

Parashar Lake: Parashar Lake another good place for hiking. Parashar Lake region 49 kilometer north of Mandi Himachal Pradesh. Parashar lake is located at the height of 2730 above sea level. The lake is a perfect holiday Destination for away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Parashar lake is nestled between the tall trees from the edge of the lake . You can’t see the glance of snow-capped mountains and water streams of the suit Lage river following towards the south. So guys, if you come to Himachal Pradesh, please must visit Parashar Lake for Hiking. Once you start hikking in from meadow , you will across apple gardens. A border protects Parashar lake so you can not enter in it.

Prashar Lake

Rohtang Pass: Just imagine tall, incredible Himalayan mountains, weather, temperature, and snow-covered roads. That awesome place is Rohtang Pass. every year, around 2lakhs people come here to hiking. Rohtang passes a gateway to Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh remains one of the most spectacular destination in the entire region. Fifty-one kilometers away from Manali, the mountain slope is so beautiful that people from every corner of the country visit to participate in adventure sports such as hiking, ice skating, paragliding, or extra. Rohtang Pass is open for hiking from April to October, and the Indian army gives permission to travel on the highway was declared the snow. Skiing and hiking are the most popular adventure sports available in Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass

Shanghar Valley: Himachal Pradesh is the best place for hiking. There are many places for hiking, and shanghar valley is one of them.Shanghar valley is located in Himachal Pradesh. One of the beautiful places for hiking. I heard a lot of about shanghar from my friends who live in himachal. Shanghar is a remote natural wonder hidden in Indian Himalayas’ lap in the shop great National Himalayas park Eco zone in sainj Valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Shanghar Valley

Hampta Pass: Hampta Pass is an ideal place for tourists, hiking, trekking, and adventures. Hampta Pass, located in Himachal, is one such destination that makes for a perfect hiking Paradise for every adventure. The hiking route of Hampta Pass over the mountains passes in the Manali region. It ends at chatru near chandrapal. walk past the incredible views of snow-clad mountains decorated with rippling ridges and infinite stretch of green shrouded in mist

Hampta Pass

Most Popular 5 Tourist Places in Manali

if you are visiting for the first time in Himachal Pradesh, such places to visit in Manali must be on your itinerary. From Hadimba Temple to Manu Temple, and from Tibetan Monasteries to Jogini Falls, explore the best of the city at these Manali tourist places.

Fantastic Manali Trip By Car From Delhi

The trip from Delhi to Manali– it was quite exciting. 

Never have I ever found so much peace in one single trip. This fantastic himachal trip deep down in the Lovely woods of mountains has promises to keep. Yes, the majestic glory of the mountains has a lot to give to you apart from the most talked-about scenic views. The spectacular perspectives of the hills are just one thing that made our trips to the mountain more stunning. Apart from these chilly blowing winds, the culture, the peace, forest area, the ancient culture all come up in the package when it comes to spending vacations in the mountains correctly—coming from someone like us ho have been staying in the Delhi region for a long time in those crowded areas with the bad air. A place like Manali is indeed a heaven for us with a clean, fresh atmosphere.

Manali Hills

These famous hill stations like are no more like old times where there were very fewer opportunities for people to live. Now almost all the hill stations around India are developed, but by developed, we do not mean that it is poorly crowded. It still possesses that touch of human nature that we all need to stay alive and fresh. A break from the usual was entirely necessary, so I, along with my two friends, went on this trip from Delhi to Manali. We were fully equipped with the facilities to comfort you and make your journey more memorable. Well, talking about one such fantastic hill station in India, I feel like going there again. It has a lot to offer you with its incredible beauty that is why a plethora of tourists going to these places every year all year round. But before going, you need to get the right package blended according to expert review following your pocket.
Let us talk about one such town Of Himachal that is Manali. One of the most scenic locations in the Himalayas, Manali, apart from being the most favored place or we can say honeymoon stop. But little did we know that it is also a paradise for all the adventurers’ lovers, also well known as the hippie paradise in the Himalayas. The place serves the best for its vibrant landscape to its ancient culture. This place has a lot to offer you, from adventure sports to famous ancient temples like Hadimba Devi Temple. Visit in the lap of nature in this prominent hill stations in India. We also visited places like Vashisht Hot Springs, Rohtang Pass, Old Manali, Solang Valley, Jogini Waterfalls, Hadimba Devi Temple, Raghunath Temple, and many more new sites to build up memories for life.

Below mentioned are the details of what all fun we did in our entire trip tour from Delhi to Manali.

Hadimba Mata Temple

Day 01: ~ Delhi to Manali. (550 kms / 12-13 hrs).
Our touring started from the capital Delhi where we boarded the taxi, and from here, it was a long 12-13 hour-long drive to the beautiful town of Manali. Our trip to the mesmerizing valley of Manali went via Bilaspur, Mandi, Kullu. On the way, we stopped for various stops for clicking photos and comfort breaks, including the lunch break, according to our needs. There were so many good locations on the way where we stopped and enjoyed it. After this 12 hours long fun ride, we arrived in Manali by late evening and stayed in the hotel in Manali.

Day 02: ~ Manali Local Sight Seeing.
The next bright morning, we planned up for local sightseeing of the place. After breakfast, we went for the local sightseeing tour of Manali. We visited Hadimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Vashishth temple, Vashishth hot water sulfur springs, Clubhouse, Buddhist Monasteries, Van Vihar. After visiting all these beautiful places in the Evening, we went shopping in the Tibetian Market and strolled around the Mall Road of Manali and the old Manali village. We had our Overnight stay and dinner arranged at the hotel in Manali.

Day 03: ~ Manali- Solang Valley– Rohtang Pass-Snow Point (100 Kms / 6-7 Hrs).
Today after breakfast, we drove to the very famous Rohtang Pass and the valley of dreams Solang Valley. In this valley, we experienced adventure sports here like, skiing, paragliding, snow scooter ride, etc. Then in the evening, after this adventure-packed up the day, we went back to Manali. The second night will be spent in the same hotel in Manali.

Yark Riding

Day 04: ~ Manali – Naggar Castle– Kullu (45 km).
After the fantastic morning meal, we checked in out of the hotel and visited Naggar village. It is the same town of Naggar, which used to be the Capital of Kullu in The Olden times. Here we will visit Naggar Castle and the Roerich art gallery. The Naggar castle has the most prolific views of the Himalayas with the apple orchards and village down in the valley. Then after a lunch break, we visited the Vaishno Devi temple in Kullu, and the very famous shawl is weaving local factories in Kullu. Later in the evening, we went back to Manali for overnight stay. At the end of the day, we traveled to the local market of Manali.

 Day 05: Manali To Delhi
Here comes an end to this joy-filled vacation to Manali from Delhi. Adios to the beautiful hill station of Manali. I am saying goodbye to this beautiful valley of dreams until next time.


Top Summer Himachal Holiday Destinations For Tourists

Well summer vacation needs to be epic we all wait for these days throughout the day. It is not only the kids but also the adults that wait for the amazing summer vacation. It is long break which we all need in our life, and we all want to go to some place where the temperature in down. And if we talk about such places in India there is nothing better than the valley of Himachal. Himachal has indeed some of the best towns which provides you the best spots to make your vacation just the best. You will have an ultimate time lying in the cradle of the mesmerizing Himalayas. The cool breezing winds flowing through your air crossing the dense forest. Far away from the tension of the city life is this beautiful and mesmerizing valleys of Himachal that will rejuvenate your soul and fulfill it with one of the amazing experiences. You should never miss out on these amazing towns of Himachal that are worth a watch once in a lifetime. So let us look out few of the top travel places of Himachal which are must to cover during your summer vacation. So what are you waiting for pack your bags and go head towards these amazing valleys and have the experience of your lifetime in the perfect vibe and glory of the great Himalayas. Travel Wikipedia will not only cover the top towns of Himachal but also some of the unexplored places of the Himachal Valley so if you are planning a Himachal Tour With Family Please Contact us.

Under mentioned are some of the top Summer holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh which will fill up your summer vacation with lot of joy and memories to cherish for life. 

  1. Manali

The very first place has to be this famous town of the himachal valley that is the Manali. It  is indeed one of the best spots to enjoy your Summer vacation and you should surely have it in your to-do list. The site is surrounded by exotic high altitude mountains. You will enjoy the mesmerizing scenic views, most of the people come here for honeymoon but that is not the case it is a best spot for peace and adventure lover that come to enjoy the view. People also love to visit and have a special time at the mall road in Manali. You will also experience various adventure sports like trekking site in the place.

Another few experiences that you can enjoy in the valley is mountaineering activity in the mountain range of Pir Panjal. Next up in the place you can go for Rohtang Pass which Is the other common visitor place of the area. You will also encounter a rich culture of the city with the heritage buildings and famous Hadimba Mata Temple of the site and few of the best Museum featuring Himachal culture and folk art of the area. Well, altogether, the place has so much to offer. 

2. Kullu

This is a place which is the twin first of Manali. All the visitors visit both these places together. It is one of the small towns in the Kullu district of the northern state. The area is located near the river Beas and is ten kilometers away from the main airport of the Bhuntar. You will find the place interesting because of its apple orchards, and tourist does not miss the pine and deodar forest of the area. The area has factual cuisine to offer to its species. It is a small and beautiful valley between the Himalayan region. 

3. Shimla

Next best place is the queen of hill that you can always go for experiencing it’s beauty. The other place in the list that Himachal keep in its heart is Shimla. The place is popular  for snow, and the number of visitors boosts in the summer season. The place is known for the handicraft and rich cultural shopping sites. The Lamar bar is famous in the area. It has unique wooden toys and crafts to offer to the visitors.

 Also you will experience a number of Hindu shrines; one of them Is Kali Bari Temple and the Jakhu Temple. You will also find the church in the city. Moreover, the travelers appreciate the sunrise view in the Himalayan range of the city. British architecture is again a common view of the city streets and buildings. The other common sites of the place are the Scottish mansion and the British time library that follow the early ethics and British outlook. To give the comfort zone to the tourist, the site has many o grade resorts like Chadwick and Naldhera that make their vacations the best one. 

4. Kufri

This place is a twin town which is always visited with the Queen of hill. Kufri is a beautiful hill station that is located a few kilometers away from the city of Shimla. Visitors love the region because of its beautiful scenic view and the Himalayan range. Visitors also enjoy the fantastic zoo featuring different birds and felines of the area. 

5. Dharamshala

Talking about himachal how can we forget the valley or dharmshala, the beautiful city encircled by cedar forests, known as Dharamshala. The place again has many visitors from all around. Walking down the streets, you will come across a number of Dalai Lamas. You will find more of the monks’ culture in the city. The place too has a library that depicts the Tibetan culture and various related manuscripts. The lower range of Dharamshala had more of the Indian population, while the Tibetan population lives more in the McLeod Ganj area. Well, if you want to have an overview of the Tibetan culture and art, you must visit the McLeod Ganj area. You will find all of the folk dance and opera music there. Beyond all this, the visit is incomplete without the trekking trail of the region. So, altogether you will have an incredible visit to the place.

6. Dalhousie

Next beautiful small and famous town is the town of Dalhousie which  is another hill station of Himachal region that is fun to visit. The area is encircled by the Dhauladar range. You will again find the colonial type building in the area and is surrounded by the beautiful mountain peaks. The city is one of the famous tourist attraction of the region and also have many religious shrines too. The area is small and is famous for the lovely scenic picturesque

7. Khajjiar

This Mini Switzerland known as Khajjiar Is again a beautiful hill station to visit which is coupled with the trip to Dalhousie. It is near to the town of Dalhousie. The place is mostly visited in the summer season. However, the area has the religious shrines and lovely view around.

You will also experience comfortable resorts and hotels in the area. The cuisine is, of course, the Himachal one. The lovely wildlife century with deer and bears around. Well, the. Not just pack your bag for one or two days, make a complete ten days tour to visit the beautiful northern state of India. You will experience altogether with a mesmerizing view and a completely different culture.

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